Friday, January 9, 2009

Sweet Greetings

Welcome! I am so happy that you have found my blog. It is my goal to bring you all kinds of fun and useful information about children's books. Children's books are my passion and I spend a tremendous amount of time searching for the most entertaining, enlightening, and touching stories.

But let me back up a little bit. First and foremost I'm a mom of Daniel (7), Jack (5), and Katelyn (21 months) and am happily married to their wonderful father, Brian. I adore our busy, hectic, noisy lifestyle- wouldn't trade it for the world.

Up until my daughter was born, I worked in the corporate world of benefits management & consulting. These were 14 very educational years, and the business skills I learned are proving invaluable as I grow my own business- The Lollipop Book Club.

As I discover wonderful new children's books and resources in my business venture, I will share the information with you here!

Sweet Reading!
Karen Gallagher

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