Thursday, February 5, 2009

Book Review: The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman

Why I Love This Book:
Before I had my own kids, I would scoff at other mothers who bent over backwards to feed their children. Huh! Not me. I would just send them to bed hungry. That would teach 'em to clean their plates next time. When my first bundle of joy arrived, my maternal instincts kicked in and I obsessed over making certain my child was nourished properly. A fussy infant turned into a finicky toddler and finally a downright persnickety little boy. Too spicy. Too lumpy. Too yucky. Too chocolatey (what?). Too hot. Too cold. Too this. Too that. Times 3. Yes, my next two were the SAME way. The only difference between me and Mrs. Peters is in our number of offspring. When I read The Seven Silly Eaters for the first time, I was tickled to the core. For every mom who deals with the preposterous demands of picky eaters, kick back and enjoy this funny, funny book.

Book Summary/Review:

For every mom who has a picky eater at home, The Seven Silly Eaters is a must-read that will have you and your kids laughing out loud. As moms, we fully embrace our responsibility to nourish our children. But “short-order cook” is not necessarily what we had in mind when we signed up for this job. Despite valiant attempts at serving one meal to everyone at the table, some of us ultimately succumb to our finicky feeders and their special dietary requirements.

Such is the case with Mrs. Peters. With her first baby boy, she agreeably heats his milk to the perfect temperature- not too hot, not too cold. She is equally as obliging with the next child’s request for homemade lemonade. With her five subsequent children, the demands become increasingly ridiculous- applesauce only, triple-strained oatmeal, soft and squishy homemade bread, and yummy eggs for two (one poached, one fried!). All the while, she is careful never to allow any of these foods to touch or mix, for a gargantuan meltdown of seven silly eaters would ensue!

Then the night before Mrs. Peters’ birthday, she retires to bed exhausted. The children decide to make their respective food of choice for the next morning’s breakfast. This is to be a special surprise for their mom. Readers can easily predict the disastrous mess in the kitchen, but the final outcome is a clever twist that will put a smile on every mommy’s face. Maybe, just maybe, all of our culinary efforts are not in vain!

Mary Ann Hoberman never stretches her perfectly rhyming verse, making this book a delightfully fun read-aloud. The illustrations are equally as noteworthy, capturing the cluttered chaos of a very busy household. Bathroom doors ajar (with little occupants inside), topsy-turvy lampshades, and laundry galore are just some of the many accurate and funny details to explore.

The Seven Silly Eaters is a book that moms and their picky eaters will enjoy immensely!


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  2. This sounds like a good one for my 5 year old. He gets so picky at dinnertime!
    By the way, I LOVE your blog and especially the sweet holiday photo of your little ones!!!