Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet Giveaway: Share Your Act of Kindness

I was recently contacted by Nick Katsoris, author of an award-winning series of books featuring an adorable lamb who learns some of life's most valuable lessons. Nick asked me to review his latest work- Loukoumi's Good Deeds- which will be released in April, 2009. See prior blog entry for the book summary and review.

I enjoyed the book and the message of kindness so much that I wanted to share it with one of my lucky readers! Here is the scoop on the giveaway.

The Package Will Include:
  • A hardcopy version of Loukoumi's Good Deeds
  • An adorable handcrafted lollipop
  • A special note from you to the child, printed on a sticker for the inside of the book
  • All delivered in a red envelope to the child's doorstep!
How to Enter:
You have five chances to enter the contest. Each option below is considered a separate entry and must be posted as individual comments here:

(1) Post a comment about an act of kindness you will never forget.

(2) Post about our giveaway on Twitter and leave a comment here with the link.

(3) Post about our giveaway on your Facebook homepage status (What are you doing?) and comment here when you have done so.

(4) Sign up for The Lollipop Book Club newsletter and leave a comment here.

(5) Announce our giveaway on your blog, and then leave a comment here with the link.

Who is Eligible:
You must have a US address and a valid email address.

When Contest Ends:
The last date of the contest is Friday, May 1st. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email. If the winner does not respond within 5 days, then a new winner will be chosen. The winner's name will be posted once the contest is over.

Will There Be More?:
Yes, we are just getting started! We are so excited share The Lollipop Book Club experience with as many people as possible. The best way to truly appreciate what we do is to witness a child's reaction to the gift. Rather than spend our money on print or web advertising, we want to put our gifts into as many hands as possible. Thank you for helping us spread the word!


  1. hi
    I love this give away
    I posted on my blog

  2. I posted on my give way blog also

  3. I tweeted it at

  4. My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer. we have had many people bringing us over dinner constatly and helping out in anyway that they can.

  5. The day I found out my grandfather was not going to make it, it was my 21st bday. A friend spent the whole day with me and then took me out for dinner

  6. I wont forget when I moved to North Carolina and didnt know anyone, we hadnt gotten our furniture yet and we had nothing but an empty house, everyone around us came together to feed us dinner, provide an air mattress for us to sleep on, and more!

  7. We just found out my husband is losing his job and my parents paid off the last bit of our car for us so we have one less thing to worry about!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  8. I recently had a random act of kindness bestowed upon me. I was in line at McDonalds picking up an Iced Tea, the person in the car ahead of me paid for my tea, I repaid his kindness and paid it forward and paid for the person behind me. Made my day!

  9. I was at a sporting event, and I realized I did not have bus fair home, and mentioned this out loud.. and a stranger gave me the fair no questions asked.. I will never forget it..

  10. We've received many amazing acts of kindness in our lives but, one I'll never forget is when we were going through hard times and when we came home, we found a bag of groceries hanging from our door.

    Thank you for the contest

  11. Traveling alone with my 6 month old son when an older gentleman offered to hold my son so I could get everything up on the belt to pass through security. Then he ended up being on our flight and offered to hold him again while I got the stroller folded up to be checked at the gate...don't know what I would have done without him!

  12. An act of kindness that I will never forget would no doubt be the day that we brought our first son home from the hospital. My mother in law was waiting for us at our home. She had cleaned and did the laundry but the nicest thing was that she cooked a ton of food. We had wonderful meals for days thanks to her. It was the best gift ever as we could just spend time with our new son and enjoy it without worrying about cooking. Thank you mom!
    Thank you

  13. I'll never forget my father driving 1500 miles non stop so I could have my car when I was away for medical treatment.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. would love to win

    thanks for the chance

  15. i signed up for the newsletter


  16. I was told about a scholarship opportunity at school a few weeks ago. They came and told me I need to apply. They knew I had lost my job and that is why I started college at age 44. I have already completed 24 hours so they knew I qualified for the scholarship and my grades are good. It was wonderful to get the news I got the scholarship. I will never forget the kind students and teachers who wrote letters of recommendation for me and those who brought the opportunity to my attention.

  17. Someone gave me money at the gas station after i pumped gas and my debit card was declined because of some mess at the bank I wish I knew who it was but they were from out of state :::THANKS WHOEVER YOU ARE::::

  18. With my husband fresh out of law school, the economy down and no job in sight we found out we were pregnant with our first, my parents let us move in with them for 10 months and are now helping us buy a house, without them it would not be possible

  19. Last year, my little sister was working for a beginner's footrace in San Francisco. She didn't want to work the race, had to get up early, and was generally unenthusiastic about the whole thing. This race is specifically for women and it targets women who are not the typical ones you'd expect to see at a 5K. Well, one woman came up, frantic, just before the starting gun went off to say she'd forgotten her running shoes. Without even thinking about it, my sister looked at her feet, determined she and the woman were the same size, and popped off her own shoes so that the woman could run the race. It was a great act of kindness from a rather unlikely person. I am proud that my little sister will be the auntie to our little one this July and I hope to instill those same values in him/her!

  20. Halfway through graduate school and already indebted for life in student loans, I found out that I wouldn't have enough money to complete the program. I went to the Dean's office to beg any sort of assistance possible - I'd lick millions of envelopes if it meant I could finish my studies! Two weeks later, having heard nothing yet, I found out I'd been retroactively awarded a fellowship that would allow me to complete my studies. I have no idea what sort of contortions that arrangement required - I've never heard of that sort of award before - but it certainly changed the course of my life and I am forever grateful to the deans for their compassion!