Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Five Favorite Passover Books

Looking for a great Passover gift for your child? Send a gift of Passover books from The Lollipop Book Club. A book about Passover that you can enjoy together is a fabulous idea. Here are five of our favorites that both entertain and educate kids about the importance of this holiday:

Five Little Gefiltes

Based on the story Five Little Ducks, five little gefilte fish escape their jar and go off to explore New York City. Leaving a worried Mama Gefilte behind, the fish manage to survive their adventure and eventually return safely home. This hilarious rhyming story is packed with Yiddish with a handy glossary to study just in time for Passover.

The Matzah Man: A Passover Story

A highly-energized matzah man leaps out of the oven and leads a chase throughout an entire village in the midst of Passover preparations. Children will giggle at the Matzah Man’s chutzpah as he teases the very townspeople who would love to eat him at their Seder. He successfully eludes almost everyone but ultimately falls prey to a sly fox in this satisfying tale that ends with a creative twist.

Only Nine Chairs- A Tall Tale for Passover

Children will laugh at this silly story about a family who is unprepared for the ten extra guests who show up to celebrate Passover. With only nine chairs, each family member takes it upon himself to find a solution for the seating dilemma. The cartoon drawings add further appeal in this funny, rhyming tale of about a jam-packed Seder celebration.

Matzo Ball Moon

Eleanor and her Bubbe together make the yummiest matzo balls for the chicken soup on Passover. One by one, the matzo balls disappear as various family members sneak into the kitchen and sample the delicious creation. When everyone finally sits down to eat, there are not enough Matzo balls to go around, until Eleanor solves the problem. The warmth of a family coming together in a Passover celebration is at the heart of this enjoyable story.

The Secret Seder

In a serious, realistic portrait about Passover, a young boy and his family are masquerading as Catholics in France during WWII. They bravely slip under the radar of the Nazi soldiers and join other Jews in a special Seder celebration. Despite limited supplies, the resilient group engages in a traditional ceremony, while remembering and praying for those who have suffered major atrocities.

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