Monday, March 21, 2011

Easter Gifts for Kids from The Lollipop Book Club

Send some sweet Easter cheer to all of your little bunnies from The Lollipop Book Club! Each Easter gift for kids will arrive in a cheerful package delivered to the child's home.

Inside the child will find a wonderful Easter book, an adorable Easter lollipop, and a special note from you for inside the book.

Here are just a few of the best Easter books that make wonderful Easter gifts for children from The Lollipop Book Club:

Everyone knows that the Easter Bunny comes every year with a basket of painted eggs and chocolates. But who is the Easter Bunny, and what is his story? At last, the famous bunny's secrets are revealed in this delightful tale perfect for springtime.

In this version of Clement Moores's classic poem, two siblings witness the nighttime arrival of the Easter Bunny.

Pauline the hen lays unusual eggs, but Mrs. Pennywort, her owner, thinks they're beautiful, and she and Pauline work together to open an Easter egg farm.

Just as a little boy named Sam and an old man named Henry remind the town of Easterville, best-selling author Melody Carlson reminds us as well that the true meaning of Easter is not Easter bonnets, baskets, colored eggs, candy, or decorations, but the story of the Cross.

Two stories in one book While grandmother prepares for Easter above ground, the rabbit family below pesters their father, who they are quite convinced is the Easter bunny. By the end, he's not so sure he isn't.

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