Monday, November 26, 2012

Best Christmas Books for Kids

Thanksgiving Dinner. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Christmas Parties. Cookie Exchanges. Holiday Cards. Gift Lists for Family. Gift Lists for Everyone Else. Home Decoration. Extended Family Gatherings. Breathe!  Turn on the TV to relax with your family only to be bombarded by ads, sales, deals, doorbusters, last-chances...and additions to the Christmas list your children innocently believe they can add to Santa's already overflowing sled.

Enough is enough already! The only way to truly relax (with your kids, that is) and enjoy some quiet, "quality" time is with a children's Christmas book. And what better way to get into the holiday spirit (minus all of the stuff mentioned above) is with a collection of the best Christmas books and a kid or two snuggled by your side.

As a bookseller, I have compiled a list of must-reads this Christmas. So grab some of these Christmas books, a blanket, and someone small, and get lost for a little while in the warmth, innocence and humor of these Christmas tales.

Funny Christmas Books

The always-endearing Olivia has a really hard time with patience this Christmas.  Santa cannot arrive soon enough!  Sound like your kiddos?

 A cast of furry characters come to the rescue when Santa becomes lodged in the chimney.  Pure futility abounds until a tiny mouse succeeds in freeing the jolly old man so he can get on with his Christmas Eve duties.

 Ok, so maybe the newspaper on the cover is a little dated. Santa should try LinkedIn or Monster next time he needs to find a job. Regardless, we're sure glad things worked out for him!

 Christmas Books with a Message

 A little fir was alone in a forest, away from all of the other trees. One Christmas, his dream of being with others finally came true.

 Grab a box of tissues for this classic about the love, security, and comfort an evergreen provides for his forest friends.  And remember this touching Christmas book when you pick out your tree this year.

 Santa doesn't think he's up for the job this year and may have to cancel his deliveries. When the forest animals become upset, he reminds them of the true spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Chapter Books

Get the full story on  Ebenezer Scrooge and this classic novel. Perfect for readers 10 and up, including adults. A Christmas Carol makes the perfect addition to every coffee table and bookshelf this Christmas.

 Energy level (and accompanying behavior) is at an all-time high right before Christmas. You can only imagine the headaches for the chorus director trying to pull off what may be the very last concert in the school.

 Calling all feline lovers! Here is a moving Christmas chapter book about a black beauty who learns that Christmas is all about sharing time with those you love.

 That's a wrap for now!  For more wonderful Christmas books, visit The Lollipop Book Club.  This is the gift that will be remembered for a child's entire life. Not only will you inspire and reinforce a child's love for reading, but you connect with a little one through your thoughtful messages printed on a gift plate for inside each and every book. These books become special keepsakes that the children will cherish and remember they were given lovingly by you.

Sweet Reading! Karen Gallagher

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